2010 AGM

The annual general meeting was held at the Bunyip Hotel on 17 July, proceeded by a pre-meeting ride from Tonimbuk.

Pre-meeting ride:
Around 15 riders saddled up for near perfect conditions, leaving Tony’s at around 2pm. The ride covered around 80Kms of a varying mix of single trail and 4wd tracks. Junior took some soil samples after stepping off the Christensens demo RMX 450 at a good pace. Not to be deterred, he remounted and took off again only to get unceremoniously swallowed  up by the mother of all bog holes after not quite getting he razor edge line through it right. After much grunting and groaning, the RMZ was extracted and he lined up for another attempt – with only marginally better results.

Getting late, we headed for Tony’s before the sun went down via a nice little piece of single track where a couple of the boys were conducting a bit of special test practice. For a guy who only rides a few times a year, Even Blackstock sure knows how to squeeze ever horsepower out of his little KTM 200 – with me being right on my limit on the 450 trying to stay on his back tire.

Back at Tony’s, the fire  pit was coaxed into life with the aid of some accelarant ( someone who will remain nameless almost poured $100 worth of Tony’s Motorex 2T on it, mistaking it for sump oil…) and we set about demolishing  a tandem trailer of firewood, many beers and an assortment of tasty snacks.

Bench racing over and it was time for most of us to head off to the pub for the AGM.  I say most because Murray had to head back into the bush for a bit of night time 4x4ing to retrieve the phone that he left on a fence post during a ride….Bang head

Annual General Meeting:
There was a good turn out at the meeting later in the evening with around 30 members and partners in attendance.

After a few intital beers in the front bar at the Bunyip Hotel, we were ushered into the dining room to kick off the formal proceedings.

Starting with a review of the year just passed, there had been plenty achieved. The club had run a very successful round of the VORC at Noojee, membership was strong and the club was positioned well financially.

The election of office barers was then carried out. After a couple of close votes, Guru was elected a second term as President, as was Nick Bloye as Secretary. Tony chose to step down from the role as Treasurer, replaced by Phil Bloye.

The club would like to thank Tony for his diligence in the handling of the club’s finance over the previous year. Likewise, the efforts put in by both Nick and Guru for their service over the past 12 months and willingness to carry on their work for the coming year.

The meeting was followed by a seriously good feed at the new restaurant attached to the pub. Which was in tern followed by more beers and then back to Tony’s for even more beers. A good night was had by all.

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